Digital Designer

Type of education

IT and Design related studies.


Workplace related competencies:

  • Technical competencies
  • Educational competencies.

Task related competencies:

  • Creativity.
  • Presenting
  • Visual communication

Personal competencies:

  • ability to learn
  • self-development

Courses/training programs

Design Basics and variety of design related courses graphic design, drawing, user experience design, blender, adobe illustrator, mobile app. design, autocad, canva, wordpress, user interface design, design theory, digital art, InDesign etc.
Game and animation related such as animation, figure drawing, cartoon drawing, character design, animation, 3D design.

Hints and advices

Networking both online and real life, use portfolio sites, improve your creativity.

Specific jobs

Graphic Designer, Game and Animation Designer, Design Management related jobs such as:
UX/UI & Graphic Designer, creative director, web designer, game designer, gamification, animation specialist, modeler, texturizer, rigger, generalist.

Level of education


Self-study tools

Udemy: use your creativity with about thousands course (see. )


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