About the project

What we aim to?

Encouraging women to pursue courses and careers in the digital sector. 
Contributing to their understanding and attitudes to digital career, and thus increasing women’s participation in high-wage, high-skill fields, their inclusion, employability and economic security. 
Identifying meaningful women in digital that can be role models and inspirational examples for others to move forward on digital occupations. 
Empowering women by providing them with an innovative learning journey that fosters their transition into digital occupations.

Who we are?

Quart de Poblet, Spain 


The City Council of Quart de Poblet is an entity located in the metropolitan area of Valencia. For many years, this organization has a strong commitment to bring Europe and the values of the European Union closer to its citizens. Thus, aware that Europe is the fut​ure, the City Council has become the leading organization and reference in the participation in European Projects both in the Valencian territory and throughout Spain.



IFESCOOP is a non-profit cooperative which cooperates with the regional and local Public Administration (Regional Government and City Municipalities), Social Partners (Trade Unions and Employers Associations), as well as many other institutions and organisations in different fields, mainly related to adult education. IFESCOOP provides vocational training for different target groups, where priority is given to specific disadvantaged groups, having participated in many European projects dealing with women, digital skills, and entrepreneurship.

Inthecity Project Development B.V., The Netherlands


Inthecity Project Development is a creative multimedia agency, specialised in producing high quality professional media, expertly tailored to the specific objective and ethos of the project - web-based products with educational purposes, short films, documentaries, animations, games, multilingual portals with a large attendance, and multi-lingual study materials. The company’s specialization is in
discovering diverse real-life experiences and bringing the stories to life so they can reach a wide audience with the original message and spirit of the experience.

KU TU, Bulgaria


KU TU is a marketing and communications agency and consultancy, focused on the development of attractive marketing, communication, and educational products for a wide variety of organisations. The company is has promoted and/or participated in over 30 European cooperation projects and networks, focused on developing innovative language learning products, promoting opportunities for lifelong learning, enhancement of the quality of education, providing learning opportunities to various groups, active citizenship, integration and inclusion, entrepreneurship.

Skills Zone Malta, Malta


Skills Zone Malta is a training hub of professional trainers in the field of Entrepreneurship,  personal development and soft skills, training people in both f2f and online environments.
The entire team believes in experiential learning, therefore our soft skills training courses involve “learning by doing” using state-of -the art infrastructure for performing hands on exercises and real-world simulations. Skills Zone Malta offers tailored courses according to the needs of the individual and compliment it with a mentoring Programme, to ensure that one becomes the best version of themselves.



Established in 2001, Yasar University has quickly become an ideal environment for research, personal development and learning by its 10 faculties, graduate school (more than 50 graduate Master and Ph.D. programs), vocational school, EU Research Centre, Open and Distance Learning Centre, Knowledge & Technology Transfer Office and Continuing Education Centre with English as the medium of instruction for most of the programmes. Since 2005, Yasar University has participated in 130 EU funded projects in FP7, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, LLP, Erasmus+ programmes, established international partnerships and developed strong links with business sector and other universities. In 2019, the university was awarded with its second Jean Monnet Chair in EU studies.

What we are doing?

Selecting and promoting as role models active women in the digital sector and developing digital impact stories/short films of them.

Developing ‘Women Learning Journey Guidelines’ - a comprehensive career guidance package of tools and training plans for guiding career in digital of women. 

Creating and reinforcing an online hub for women’s interaction, communication and meaningful information about opportunities within the digital sector and multimedia toolkit “Job Paths for Women in Digital” introducing different digital job paths.

Who can benefit?

Women who are at risk of exclusion from the labour market, incl. unemployed, or coming (or willing to come) back to work after a gap in their careers due to caring responsibilities (e.g. maternity leave), cultural or socio-economic reasons (austerity, restructuring, bullying at work), migration, or career transition;

Adult educators and career facilitators.